Social Responsibility

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Social responsibility is a business management tool that has assumed an increasingly important role in companies. Aware that the consumers are becoming more demanding and alert to the actions taken by organisations Du Bois de la Roche gives special importance to policies that promote sustainable development. So the company does not neglect the importance of the environmental component in all phases of production and distribution of its products.

Conscious of the economic difficulties that society goes through one of the company policies is to support charitable institutions contributing to improve the welfare of people.

Also on this context Du Bois de la Roche supports several cultural initiatives through the creation of partnerships with individuals or entities that have a perspective of innovation and change for the community.

The development of socially responsible practices is a factor of increased competitiveness in an environment where sustainable development is increasingly encouraged.

The company is guided by principles of transparency, promotion of strategies for nature conservation and cultural enhancement, respect for the environment and compliance with the highest ethical standards.