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Healthy Diet

At Du Bois de la Roche we believe it is important take a balanced diet because will increase your well-being and willingness to face the challenges that are offered on a daily basis. Another aspect that must combine with healthy eating is the practice of exercise. Thus, you can get a balanced diet that will provide you a regular functioning of the body and get energy for a more active life.

The company is committed in promoting behaviours consistent with the values of a balanced diet. We believe that the quality in the production of our products is a key factor for success so we integrate this principle as a priority in the company culture.

We also are committed in continuously improving the nutritional profile of our products: limiting the use of colorants and artificial flavourings; use of non-hydrogenated fats (less harmful to health) and carefully selected ingredients.

In this way, we intend to offer products that are more secure and adapted to the nutritional needs, tastes and desires of each consumer.

Du Bois de la Roche Contribution

Promote the nutritional quality of our products
- Increasing the proportion of cereals and fibbers;
- Decreasing fats (particularly saturated fatty acids);
- Decrease the addition of sugars.

Health and nutrition
- Promote a lifestyle involving a balanced diet with regular practice of physical activity.

Nutritional information
- Promote the access to nutritional information in a clear and objective way;
- Inform about the allergens present in our products.



Food allergies appear because of an exaggerated response from immune system to food that is usually well tolerated by the body.

The allergens presents in certain food products may cause adverse reactions ranging from a light rash to a severe allergic reaction. Food allergies affect an increasing number of people and reach different age groups.

We are aware that food allergies are an issue of relevance to the health of our consumers so we developed a table of the major allergens present in our product range.