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All customers search for safe products that accomplish not only the legal requirements but also that presents high quality patterns.

Du Bois de la Roche has always taken a responsible and proactive behaviour establishing a rigorous Quality System and Food Safety policy offering a high level of trust that constitutes a market reference with a clear quality and food safety commitment applicable to all its products.

Following this goal its QUALITY SYSTEM AND FOOD SAFETY POLICY is based on the following features:

Focus on Customers and Consumers
In order to guarantee a high level of customer's satisfaction and the loyalty of consumers Du Bois de la Roche develops partnerships with all customers offering them high quality products that can fulfil their needs and expectations.

Being conscious of its role in the food chain Du Bois de la Roche is committed to effectively inform its workers, suppliers, customers and consumers, as well as official entities and other relevant parts involved in all aspects related to food safety.

Food Safety
Concerned with the identification and control of potential dangers in terms of food safety Du Bois de la Roche assures the availability of all its resources infrastructures and appropriate information in order to avoid and minimize its occurrence probability.

Profitability Policy
To ensure the economic company viability and success Du Bois de la Roche continuously seeks the optimisation of its processes with the goal to reduce costs.

Accomplishment of all Applicable Requirements
Du Bois de la Roche stays alert to all requirements of its processes and products committing in assure the correspondent execution.

Continuous Improvement
Through the analysis and data processing generated by the management system Du Bois de la Roche sets off actions that seek to the continuous improvement and effectiveness of the management system and its processes.

Long-Term Partnerships with Suppliers
In order to guarantee the quality and food safety of our products Du Bois de la Roche has a careful selection of its suppliers seeking together the improvement of our products and/or rendered services.

Social Responsibility
To ensure that it is taken into account important aspects such as the environment, ethic, safety and healthy at work.

Investment on the Workforce
Du Bois de la Roche constantly oversees the relevance to foment the motivation and participation of all company staff investing on its formation and personal improvement assuring the knowledge of the importance of each worker activity in the contribution for the thoroughness of Du Bois de la Roche products quality and food safety.

As a tool to help the company to achieve the previous features Du Bois de la Roche has adjusted its quality system to the requirements of ISO 9001 and IFS - Version 6 (with higher level classification). Du Bois de la Roche is also Bio/Organic Food certified (ECOCERT - certification AB) and RSPO - Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil